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Welcoming the Tryst jacket! 


The style and pattern is based on a denim jacket, that was left after an exciting night. The jacket is made of second-hand or deadstock fabric. Some fabrics are from a deadstock wear house, while others are upholstery fabrics that are sourced from second-hand shops. 


The Tryst jackets are made to preorder as the fabric is normally one-offs and the jackets are made to the size of the person who orders them. That’s why the jackets are shown as a technical fashion drawing. 

From start to finish the jackets take 10-14 days to make and ship. I’m sewing your jacket and other people's jackets. 

Pink Red Stripe Tryst Jacket

  • All fabric is washed before it is made. I recommend washing it at a low temperature. For the best result hand wash to maintain the bright colour. 

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