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As a experienced costume designer, I’ve worked on multiple films. I work closely alongside the art department to help bring their costume ideas to life. I work with them on concept, mood board, design development, tech pack, fabric sourcing and production.


A few of the films I have worked on are:




Assisting the costume designer to source outfits and accessories for 20 actors.

Creating  the monochrome geometric suits.

"Mind Over Matter" 2019 Directed by Paul Cheung, Nu Boyana Film Studios.

Designed, sourced material and produced 18 school skirts that were commissioned.

“Isabella” 2018

Counter Production. Directed by Rohan Reddy, independent film.

Nominated for: UK Monthly Film festival, Fest, Encounters Film Festival, Aesthetica, RTS Awards.

Working with the Art Director vision, I designed, toiled, sourced the material and produced the "Florence" jacket

“Nice to meet you, Florence” 2019 Directed by Rohan Reddy, independent film.

Alteration and produced the worker's shirt, commissioned by the Art Director.

"Life Afterlife" 2018 Directed by Evan White, independent film.

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