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Collision is my fashion design graduate collection. It journeys through my own personal experience with car crashes, telling a story. 

Drawing my inspiration from the crashes and the resulting trauma, I have explored everything about car accidents, cars parts, the road itself and my emotional connection to them all.

Initially, I looked at the crash itself. The impact of when you crash; the crumpled metal, deployed air bags, broken visors, smashed wind screens and burnt tyre marks on the road. 

Developing on this, I took the first collection “CAR CRASH” and turned it into a more conceptual collection: “Collision”. 

Collision consists of tyre prints, slashes, oil spills, torn car upholstery and broken car accessories. 

Much of the collection I’ve sourced at scrap yards from car crash wreckages and write offs to make it both authentic and sustainable.

Monochromated wool gathered suit jacket.


Tyre print pleated skater skirt.

Bronze distorted steering wheel earring.


Bronze distorted steering wheel necklace.

Pink dropped mutton chop sleeves dress.

Oil spill PVC gathered trousers.

Airbag bomber jacket with zip detailing.


Dropped mutton chop sleeve shirt.

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